“This is the life that I have chosen, music is my life, and the rest is to be heard”.  ” - Justin Ross

Fort Worth, Texas Native, Justin Ross is a delectable hybrid of  Rock ,Soul, Roots, Blues, Swamp Rock, Texas Music and much more.  Now Ross is pushing to tour across the world and expand his audience to the full extent. 
Ross intertwines the genres of music into a show that makes for the masses.  
 Ross has been in this business long enough to know that you have to work hard and make every day count to get respect from not only the fans but as well as the clubs and venues.  

Over the years Ross has played with a variety of different bands such as, Aaron Lewis, EVERLAST, Art Alexakis of EVERCLEAR, Warrant, Winger, Hinder, Stoney Larue, Bob Schneider, FUEL, Monty Montgomery,Brandon Jenkins, Johnny Cooper, NO JUCTICE, The Departed, and many more. Ross delivers heat, fun, excitement, energy and great showmanship to every stage he walks upon.  
Ross started his career at age 6 when his mother (Molly Jo) started teaching Ross how to sing. Soon after Ross started playing guitar, the rest is history. Working every day to be a better performer and musician. Ross challenges himself every time he plays and always tries to outdo himself each time. Ross is still going strong. Writing music every chance he has and still working to be the best he can be as a musician, writer, and man.



Lucas, Spotify Playlist Hard Rock 2021

 "Holy fuck, Justin! What the fuck is this! What a voice, powerful, and haunting! Along with this awesome production, sound, riffs. This is the kind of rock I look for, with this Americana flavor! This goes to my Rock playlists for bikers right away! Thank you for this song, man! JesusChrist! Just Amazing!  "

The Hook Rocks

April 19  · 

Merging soul & blues seamlessly with lyrics that come from the heart. Check out my conversation with Justin Ross on all podcast platforms!


‘Right Back Up’ is a glimpse of what Justin Ross has to offer with his upcoming album. It’s gonna sound so good! 

“Right Back Up” is one of those tracks that grabs the listeners attention. Along with its infectious hooks, it is not so easily forgotten. The good news is, there is a lot more to come including a new album. Due to the calibre of this release, his upcoming collection of songs is one not to be missed.




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